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Our Story

To say we love bows is an underestimation, we are obsessed with bows and beautiful ones of course. My sister and I being mothers of girls have always spent a good amount of money on bows to accessorize our children’s  hair. After a while, we noticed the bows our children wear had become old and boring and as bow lovers, we were eager to find ways to get one of a kind and beautiful bows in the mix. Soon we decided to make our own bows and make them our way,  the unique way. Initially, it was just supposed to be a hobby but then after so many compliments and persuasion from friends and families, we decided to turn it into a full-blown business thus the birth of The Bow Hub, and we have not regretted it.

The Bow Hub specializes in making unique hair bows, headbands and hair accessories for children between the ages of zero to the teenage years. Just seeing those happy little faces of kids who wear our bows make the business worthwhile. Our one of a kind beautiful bows have captured the hearts of so many kids around the United States. We take into consideration every single detail during production and will not sell any bow with even the littlest flaw. All our hair accessories are made to perfection to fit every little girl. We work in a spotless and sanitized environment to ensure that our products are not soiled. All our hair bows and accessories are made with lots of love and attention to detail.